Arizona Nonprofit Law Lawyer


Arizona has more than 20,000 nonprofit organizations, and our firm understands the critical role that they play in Arizona and beyond. The Bainbridge Law Firm, L.L.C., in Phoenix, has represented a wide variety of Arizona nonprofit organizations. Most nonprofit organizations are governed by the Arizona Nonprofit Corporation Act. We are well-versed in the law and excel at utilizing the law to benefit our nonprofit clients. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable nonprofit lawyer.

I provide a wide variety of legal services for Arizona nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Board Governance
    Most nonprofit organizations are governed by a board of directors (sometimes called a board of trustees). We provide education and advice on all aspects of board governance, including fiduciary duties, election issues, removal issues, scope of authority and many others. It is important for board members to understand their roles and obligations. Even though board members may not receive payment for their service, board members of nonprofit organizations have legal responsibilities and challenges. We work closely with boards to ensure compliance with the law and minimize liability.
  • Governing Documents
    Most nonprofit organizations are governed by articles of incorporation, bylaws or other documents. We provide sound legal advice on interpretation and implementation of these important governing documents. We can also assist nonprofit organizations with amending their governing documents. We are proficient at applying Arizona law to your organization's governing documents and providing sound legal advice.
  • Disputes and Litigation
    Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations are not exempt from litigation. Disputes can arise in many aspects of nonprofit activity. For example, nonprofits, just like other corporations and businesses, may have vendor contract disputes, internal board disputes, membership disputes, tort liability and others. Nonprofit organizations may also have legal interests that need to be asserted. We assist nonprofit organizations in mediation, arbitration and litigation, including appeals.
  • Government and Advocacy
    Nonprofit organizations come into contact with government at nearly all levels. Sometimes, government bodies make decisions that can have a significant impact on my nonprofit clients. We have represented nonprofit organizations before various governmental bodies. We provide effective advocacy for nonprofits and work tirelessly to represent their interests.

For more information about my nonprofit representation or to schedule an initial consultation, contact us or call 602-274-6369 today.