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What can homeowners do when construction companies fail them?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Construction Law |

Everyone involved in a remodel or home building project generally has to take on a little bit of risk. The company that you hire to do the construction or remodel work will usually need to do all of the work before they receive full payment. The homeowner will typically need to provide a substantial deposit for the services they hope to receive.

When all goes properly and according to the contract, the construction company finishes the work as agreed upon and the homeowner pays the remaining balance for the work performed and the materials used. Unfortunately, not all construction companies follow through on the promises they make.

Perhaps they took your deposit and never showed up to start work. Maybe they started the work but then left things half-finished. It’s even possible that they completed the project but did bad work or used cut-rate materials instead of the premium ones you paid for. If you have to deal with a paid contractor not performing work, construction defects or other issues, you will need to take steps to protect yourself.

Arizona has a Registrar of Contractors that holds construction companies accountable

Construction contractors and businesses have to license themselves with the state. The Registrar of Contractors (ROC) manages those licenses. You have the option of reviewing a company or professional’s records before you hire them to both validate that they have a license and see if there have been numerous complaints about them in the past.

Unfortunately, even those with a good reputation can still fail at their work, and not everyone will have the time or awareness to check the ROC website before they sign a contract. The good news is that you have the right to file a complaint through the ROC as a consumer who did not receive the services they paid for or who has to deal with declining property value because of substandard work.

Getting someone to advocate for you helps your claims succeed

The professional or business accused of improper work or contract violations has the right to defend against those claims. That means that there may be multiple hearings in front of the ROC. Trying to prove the issue on your own and remain calm in a stressful situation could put you at a disadvantage.

It is likely that the company or professional will have an attorney, so having your own lawyer present for ROC hearings can increase your chances of securing a positive outcome and convincing the ROC to rule in your favor.